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advanced warning sign vehicles

Any number of impact protection vehicles (IPV) and advanced warning sign vehicles can be provided to enable safe working in an (MLC). For example it is common place for us to utilise 5 IPV and 4 advanced warning sign vehicles on multi lane motorways to allow white lining works to be undertaken.

National Highway Sector Scheme

A Cones provides expertise in all the National Highway Sector Schemes. It is a specialist in the provision of National Highway Sector Scheme 12C for mobile lane closure (MLC) Traffic Management on motorways and other dual carriageways. 

Design, Planning and Consultancy:
Design, Planning and Consultancy:
  • Traffic Management Surveys
  • Traffic Management Designs
  • Traffic Management Technical Drawings
  • Traffic Management Plans
Traffic Management Schemes:
Traffic Management Schemes:
  • National Highway Sector Scheme 12A/B for static temporary traffic management on motorways and high speed dual carriageways including on-line widening schemes.
  • 12 C Mobile Traffic Management
  • 12 A/B High speed Traffic Management
  • 12 D Street Works Traffic Management
  • Road closures
  • Road diversions
  • Temporary traffic signals
  • Stop/Go Traffic control
  • Convoy Works
  • Event Management – including setup, hire, maintenance, removal, gate management and vehicle/pedestrian marshalling, parking control
  • Traffic management on rural and urban roads
Vehicle and Equipment Hire:
Vehicle and Equipment Hire:

Provision of 12A/B Impact Protection Vehicle (live lane & non live lane).
IPV (Impact Protection Vehicle)
TM Installation vehicles
Convoy vehicle
Advanced warning trailer (Demounts)
Barriers – All types

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